MTX Pricing Bowen Research

Conjoint has been the premiere tool used for consumer pricing research in the US the last 30 years.

  • It’s also the 4th most used consumer software research tool in the US, according to a study from the American Marketing Association

In fact, in a live-market test at TGI Friday’s in London, using the new menuing method, revenue increased by 17%.

My analyst is one of the few in the world trained, and with practical experience, in this new form of conjoint, menuing.

In a survey we present a “menu” of game items — just as you see in MTX stores online or which consumers keep in their mind for mobile games where items are offered one at a time.

  • Consumers consider each item in relation to all the others
  • Such tradeoffs are at the heart of almost all consumer purchases
    • I.e., if the steak looks delicious at $35, maybe you decide to buy cheaper wine
  • A/B testing can’t address all these tradeoffs.

Conjoint analysis is a multi-variable technique that emulates real-world choices that consumers make. It’s the best method ever devised for optimizing pricing for maximum revenue. (It’s used for a lot of things, but pricing is our main concern.)

Conjoint Menuing determines the right price, for the most revenue, for bundles, promotions, and entire menus of products.

Just email me ([email protected]) for the full PPT deck on our pricing service. For more questions call Hugh Bowen at Bowen Research at (650) 678-1543.