• A lot of companies sell names, but we know games – I started as the first games producer in the industry, personally marketed near 80 games, and have done games research since 1992. We’ve done the recruiting for more than half of the 500 research projects we’ve done and more than 75 recruit only projects in the last five years.
  • “Play Games, Eat Pizza, Make $50.” Back in the day, that headline for newspaper ads got us our first 10,000 names. Since then we’ve developed outstanding online recruiting methods to target individual games.
  • After the digital work… we have our outstanding recruiters actually talk to the gamers in person before recruiting them for in-person studies. Only with the human touch can you get just the right people to trust with your game.
  • Generally recruits take 10 days to 2 weeks, for in-person or online studies (but can be done faster when needed).
  • While SF is our home town, we also have significant lists in Los Angeles, Seattle, Phoenix, Chicago, Austin and New York. And can build more in any major US city. Also have contacts with excellent international list brokers.
  • Beyond games, we’ve done long term research contracts for Yahoo and Facebook.

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50 mobile and Facebook game usability studies done since 2010 for Glu Mobile, Zynga, DeNA, TinyCo, Atari, Konami, Bandai Namco and various startups

Effectiveness: After 30 years of doing game research, this is the most effective research tool I’ve ever seen. If you are live streaming the individual sessions even busy developers typically will keep the video running at least in the corner of their monitor - and often immediately fix problems that are revealed.

For a video of a sample usability session: Click here for YouTube video

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Conjoint Menuing analysis has been the industry leading tool to optimize pricing for package goods for 30 years... and now a new version of it is ideally suited for mobile/online games.  It balances item prices relative to each other - to maximize profit. We believe we can increase revenue 15%+.

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Mobile game usability studies conducted directly by Bowen Research with highly trained US usability personnel. Given the nuances when analyzing an interface, and the special environment of games, it’s key to have expert game usability researchers. Service available in Tokyo, Seoul and Shanghai (other markets can be added). Contact Hugh Bowen for more information/pricing at: [email protected] or (650) 678-1543

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For the last 20 years, in order to become intimate with consumers, we’ve become intimate with the products - including games, websites and mobile products. We play every level of each game we test, and watch every move consumers make when playing. We fundamentally believe that face-to-face consumer study is key.


What do console games, the web and mobile games have in common? We study all three, and they are all essentially electronic interfaces &emdash; with the same issues of flow, clarity, and ease of use. Quite simply, this fascinates me. We are experts in learning if the consumer feels comfortable or frustrated, and if the overall interaction with the device is satisfying. If not, what should be changed? What is the likely level of market success?


If you agree that the key to success is to know the heart and soul of the electronic consumer, we can help. Call us today to discuss your qualitative and quantitative research needs for games, web and mobile, at: (650) 678-1543